Development Methodology

Development is a complex notion which requires a detailed overview from both technical and layman terms. We at Tech Receptives understands what development is and refine those terms in our favor for maximum output and deliverbility.

Currently, there are tons of development methods that are practiced by the industry, but not every development methodology can fit every square. The chances of picking up, the wrong methodology for the project are always high and that's why we discuss every minute detail with our client and then decide on the methodology for the project.

What makes us unique and productive is our approach to solving any business critical problems. Not every problem is similar and there are chances that the problem can creep in the long term. At Tech Receptives, we understand the notion of problems and their propagation over a long period of time, if not fixed. That's why choosing the right development methodology for the right project is the key to success here.

Development Methodology is a scientific approach to high-quality software building and there is no hocus-pocus involved in the approach. We understand and execute every single piece of information for the success of the project and no one in the market understands our model of execution that separates us from everyone else.

Scrum Development

Scrum Development is the modern day need for development teams that increases productivity, agility and creates synergy within the team. The holistic approach is dependent on nothing and kept alive by frequent deliverables accompanied by the ability of the team. The basic idea is to allow customers to have the control and change requirements and features of the application anytime.

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Agile Methodology Block

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is a popular methodology in our workplace. The reason is simple; it provides a themed approach to each component of the project yielding great results. Divide and Conquer rule is used when the problem premises are big and cannot be solved at once.

Agile Methodology also offers high client interaction throughout every phase of the project. The essence or the philosophy of the methodology lies in creating a plan that is both agile and deliverable at the same time. Time is factored to produce outcomes.

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Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development is famous for producing the highest quality app with low rate of failure. TDD is active in the industry and also falls in the Agile Development Methodology.

As TDD is agile in nature, it depends on short development methodology. The route is different as the development team writes test code and try to automate everything. They refactor and then slowly reach the code standard, producing high-quality programs. The outcome of the approach is high-quality solution to any kind of problem.

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Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall Methodology is the classical approach to software development. Each and every step is calculated and constructed according to the requirements. Once done, there is no looking back as the last step is locked.

Waterfall Methodology aggressively advocates majorly in the  planning and then execution and not the other way around. The methodology is highly recommended for projects where all the requirements are understood and clear from the start. The requirements are kept as clean as possible because ambiguity can cause havoc to the project progress.

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Spiral Methodology

Spiral Methodology is the most aggressive and accurate with high deliverable rates among the development methodology we have discussed until now. Spiral Methodology is unique as it incubates a working prototype at the end of each mini-spiral. Each spiral is composed of four stages: planning, risk analysis, engineering and customer review.

The spiral development model starts with the planning phase, which evaluates key working elements of the project such as objectives, market condition and more. The next phase, risk analysis tries to solve the problem in more than one way. The third phase is getting the job done, followed by the customer review that relies on the feedback from the customer.

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Which Development Methodology is the best?

There are tons of software development methodologies, but only the above-listed approaches are used extensively by the current industry. That's why, Tech Receptives understands the importance of certain methodologies over the non-existent or obsolete development methodology and harness the current popular methodologies for maximum output and customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right methodology for the project can be a hard, but Tech Receptives is there to help you so that you don't fall in the analysis paralysis (the dilemma of choosing).

Our Team is always ready to check the requirements and come up with a list of suggestions for the best approach.

The current industry is evolving at an exponential rate and new technologies rush in almost every day. To survive and make an impact in the current ecosystem, one need to evolve at the same rate. We, at Tech Receptives, completely understand the market and the changes that keep cropping up from time to time. Harnessing new technologies and making amendments to our development methodologies is our main philosophy.