Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall Methodology is the classical approach to software development. Each and every step is calculated and constructed according to the requirements. Once done, there is no looking back as the last step is locked.

Waterfall Methodology aggressively advocates majorly in the  planning and then execution and not the other way around. The methodology is highly recommended for projects where all the requirements are understood and clear from the start. The requirements are kept as clean as possible because ambiguity can cause havoc to the project progress.

Waterfall Methodology Image

Waterfall Methodology is majorly used by large corporations to overcome the uncertainty of the development process. The requirements team research extensively to write a well-written requirements documents that transfer the knowledge to the development team. All the minute details are maintained and written in chronological order for better understanding.

At TechReceptive, we understand waterfall model and how it impacts large project success. Generally, large project's success depends majorly on clear and stringent requirements that do not change over time. Each phase of the project is signed by both the client and the development team and then only the development of the next phase takes over.

Other advantages of choosing Waterfall Model over any other model are clear technical documentation, which in turn leads to better team development and error tracing. The documentation also helps for faster maintenance time and involves more satisfaction in the long run than other development methodology. The only drawback is the stringent requirements that lead to more pre-requirement and requirement phase.
Waterfall Methodology is highly recommended for any big projects.