Our Stats

Facts are only mirrors until they are backed by statistics. To overcome the demand and competition of the market, we understand that clients and organization across the world will love to look at our stats. The stats are speaks more volume of our expansion in the past 7 years of journey. The philosophy that keeps us alive is not numbers but also the quality of the work.

We believe in creating world-class services that are weaved across our services and statistics build the base of our work.



Tech Receptives specializes in ERP related services. ERP implementation, customization, development, consulting are just a few of the ERP related services Tech Receptives offer. Until now, Tech Receptives have done 160 number of projects. The projects are diversified according to the requirements, culture, project implementation and more. 


Countries Served

The diversity of the projects completed by Tech Receptives can be gauged by the number of countries covered by our team from the inception of the organization. Serving 53 countries over the last seven years has brought tons of experience and expertise to our grounds, which we will spend in the future on complex projects from all across the world.


On Site Implementations

Our team are also active in onsite implementation, providing on-site service to our valued customers. The online implementation has its own benefits, including understanding the knowledge level of the workforce. 

Tech Receptives also provide technical training for those who need to use the implemented system to full effect. With 40 onsite implementation, we are moving towards the right mix of both onsite and an offsite implementation. 



Communication has always been a major key role in the success of projects and we understand and harness our onsite implementations. We have also been successful in localization projects and have completed 11 localization projects until now.