Our Presence

Global Economy is expanding, increasing opportunities and opening doors to new markets that have never explored before. With opportunity, the increased chances of facing the competition increase.

The idea of globalization also brings more chances to understand a different culture, market settings, business model that works locally and more. To overcome, all of the above factors, Tech Receptives prefer to work close to their peers and stakeholders, working in harmony to leverage local knowledge and improve the odds of success in our favor. Understanding local presence is vital to cut off local market competition and that's why we never underestimate the impact of globalization has on our company's growth. Globalization is the 21st century idea; when leveraged correctly, can bring wonders to any business out there.

Our work features solving issues and pains of diversified cultures, races and demographics. The complexity is paramount and our attention to detail always pays off in creating value for a wide audience across the globe.
Our Global presence also speaks the ability our team possesses to penetrate new demographics, geographical location and markets that bring new challenges and contribute to the growth in a longer run.

We have already established Global presence starting from our headquarters in Ahmedabad. Our two other offices are located in U.A.E and Singapore.

To make more impact on the global economy, we are striving hard to expand more with a clear intention to grow and improve world's economy. 
Want to know more about our global presence? Mail us at info@techreceptives.com  

Global location